Renters Insurance in Arizona

Did you know that 75% of Arizona residents do not possess renter’s insurance? Renters insurance is not required by federal law in Arizona, but your landlord may require you to purchase this policy. It's imperative to obtain renters insurance to ensure that you are protected if an eventuality strikes because your landlord is not liable for any damage to your possession.

Have you ever though what would happen when a guest slips on the wet floor of your kitchen and twist his/her arm? Who will be liable for the medical costs? Renters' insurance policy is your ultimate coverage in case of a loss to your personal property and cushions you if you are legally responsible for injuries and damages you cause to others in your condo that you are currently leasing.

Renters insurance policy provides coverage against a peril stated in your policy documents such as lightning, vandalism, smoke, or fire. Your renter's insurance in Arizona can give protection to you and your family members against litigation, property damages, and injuries stipulated in your policy. Visit us today at our Right Choice Insurance and Taxes offices and be advised by our reputable agents on renter’s insurance matters.

Types of Renters insurance coverages.

  • Personal property coverage.

This type of policy will protect your possessions like electronics, furniture, and clothing if they get damaged, stolen, or destroyed in a covered hazard. This coverage caters to replacing your items even if they are stolen when you are off your property.

  • Liability coverage.

This policy cushions you from paying out of pocket for individual costs if you are found to be liable for damage to other people's property or their injuries. It also extends coverage for your guest's medical expenses if you are found to be responsible.

  • Additional living expenses.

If you lease a house and get destroyed by a hazard like fire and rendered, unhabitable the renter's insurance may help. This policy enables you to cater to costs you incur, such as hotel bills when you do not live in your rented house after a covered loss, and your home becomes uninhabitable.

What is covered by Renters Insurance?

  • Fire and lighting.
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Explosions.
  • Falling objects.
  • Hail and storms.

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