Condo Insurance in Arizona

Arizona Condos

For those who own condos, there is important insurance coverage that is likely required by your lending bank. Getting condo insurance protects you from several issues and incidents that can happen. If you are in Arizona and need condo insurance, call us at Right Choice Insurance and Taxes. Make an appointment to talk to an agent about your condo and the protection you need.

Your Dwelling

Condo insurance differs from home insurance in many ways. Most importantly, it does not cover the entire dwelling you live in. It generally covers the inside portions of the condo with the condo board owning the outside of the building plus any common areas. The board is also responsible for insuring those areas so you don't have to. This may include pipes outside of your condo a certain distance from your home, depending on what your individual contract includes.

More Condo Coverage

Other than part of the dwelling itself, your condo insurance will cover all of your possessions. It's always wise for insurance purposes to take an inventory of your belongings so that you can prove ownership of them if the worst should happen. In addition to coverage for your possessions, the policy also comes with a liability portion. This protects you in case a third party should get injured or ill while in your condo. It also pays for your living expenses if your condo ever becomes uninhabitable.

Make Your Appointment

To find out more about condo insurance coverage, call us at Right Choice Insurance and Taxes. We can help you to understand just what Arizona condo insurance covers and how much you may need. We can also take a look at your contract to make sure that you get insured for all the areas of the building that you're responsible for.