Commercial Insurance in Arizona

Did you know that 43% of small businesses have been hit with a threat of a lawsuit by a client? Commercial insurance is also referred to as business insurance, and it cushions your business enterprise from unreasonable risks like theft, injuries, property damage, and lawsuit. Small business owners in Arizona can buy different commercial insurance coverages, which insulates them against financial losses when a given peril strikes.

Arizona federal law requires businesses to carry liability for commercial vehicle insurance to protect against accidents that may happen. Commercial insurance extends coverage to your business by catering for costs of property damage or bodily injury claims against your business.

If you are initiating a new business in Arizona, it's imperative to invest in commercial insurance coverage. Buying commercial insurance in Tucson, AZ will protect your business assets and personal assets from unexpected uncertainties. To acquire outstanding commercial insurance in Arizona, speak to our agents at Right Choice Insurance and Taxes.

Types of commercial insurance coverages

  • Business owner’s policy (BOP): This form of coverage is essential for small business owners. This package includes both liability and property protection and caters to legal fees in case you are sued for poor business practices by a client or an employee.
  • Commercial auto insurance: If your small business operates or owns a fleet of vehicles (numbering at least ten) or your business uses a vehicle to deliver products buying commercial auto insurance is an ultimate solution. This policy pays costs related to injuries caused to your workers operating your business vehicle.
  • General liability insurance: This is necessary liability insurance for all small businesses. In case you sold products to your clients, and it caused harm to him/her or their property was damaged, general liability insurance comes into play and pays for those losses.

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