Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Drivers in Tucson, AZ are required to have liability insurance by law before they can register their vehicles, and this must be purchased through a provider authorized to do business in the state. Your Right Choice Insurance and Taxes representative can better help you understand the options available to you, and when doing so, it is vital to avoid the following common mistakes.

Car Insurance Mistakes to Avoid 

Withholding All Pertinent Info

It is tempting to put things in a better light than is entirely true, as moving violations and accidents can be embarrassing. Even so, your insurance company is there to help you obtain adequate protection in the event of a collision, and they need to have all the details regarding your driving history. Being honest and upfront is beneficial for all parties to ensure the best and most accurate coverage. 

Insuring All Drivers on All Vehicles

Your teenager may be costlier to insure, and it’s not necessary to add them to every automobile you own. It makes sense to be choosy about which cars you opt to allow your younger drivers to use, depending on the value and performance, and speed capabilities they possess. 

Not Exploring Available Discounts

You may be eligible for a variety of price reductions, and these can be based on variables, such as employer affiliations. It’s also important to calculate how many miles you intend to drive each year and to communicate this precisely. In addition, other opportunities for saving money may exist based on younger drivers taking a driver education course and keeping their grades up. You can also inquire about bundling various policies together. 

Get The Right Policy For Your Vehicle Today

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