Is it required to have health insurance in Arizona?

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The short answer to health insurance requirement questions

While you won’t be penalized for not having health insurance, there are many great reasons to have it. If you opt for a catastrophic or high-deductible policy, you will enjoy several essential benefits.

Having a health insurance policy in place can help you avoid unwanted and unnecessary expenses. And, when you have a health care policy, you are more likely to have a General Practitioner who can address your health needs. Many people without insurance turn to their local emergency departments when they need medical assistance.

With a family doctor in place, you are also more likely to receive preventative care that can help you avoid or minimize more severe conditions and complications. So, while it may not be required to carry health insurance in Arizona, there are many great reasons to do so.

Choosing the right policy for your needs is easier when you work with an experienced and knowledgeable agent. You will feel better knowing that you have a policy in place!

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