The ABCs of Arizona Motorcycle Insurance

Most Tucson, AZ residents who purchase motorcycle insurance are not conversant with what they are buying. Unluckily, it’s after the worst strikes they realize they aren’t cushioned against specific perils. Ensuring that you and your motorcycle are safeguarded involves more than just safe riding techniques, but the secret is arming yourself with the right motorcycle insurance. 

Whether you ride a vintage bike, cruiser, custom chopper, or cruiser, Right Choice Insurance and Taxes can help you purchase motorcycle insurance that suits your riding style, budget, and other needs. But before buying coverage, here are facts that every Tucson, AZ rider should know even as they purchase motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Arizona.

Motorcycle insurance in Arizona is legally required, and you must produce proof of insurance before registering your motorcycle. Hitting the roadways of Arizona devoid of insurance attracts dire consequences and penalties like fines and license suspension. Besides, if you are liable for an accident, you have to pay for medical costs and repair costs out-of-pocket. 

State-mandated minimum insurance is never adequate.

Complying with the state-required motorcycle insurance minimums is vital, but it doesn’t safeguard you and your bike optimally. Mandatory insurance is tailored to protect other parties, not you and your motorcycle. It’s, therefore, prudent to consider other motorcycle insurance options to enjoy well-rounded protection.

There are money-saving discounts available.

The affordability of any insurance coverage you choose is the most critical parameter when considering various available options. Some motorcycle insurance plans offer versatile discounts. Ensure that you discuss the available discounts with an insurance agent when shopping for an insurance plan.

Your insurance company can cover roadside assistance

Some motorcycle riders are unaware that motorcycle insurance provides roadside assistance coverage when your bike breaks down unexpectedly away from home.

Motorcycle insurance can cover your gear too.

When you are involved in a crash, your bike is not the only thing that suffers damages. Sometimes, your helmet, gear, or special equipment gets damaged too, and it’s expensive to replace or repair. In light of this, you can consider a special equipment coverage add-on to protect your riding gear.

Buy motorcycle insurance today!

Are you shopping for motorcycle insurance in Tucson, AZ? Request a free motorcycle insurance quote today at Right Choice Insurance and Taxes. This way, you will get peace of mind, knowing that you and your motorcycle are well safeguarded.